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   Product 10 of 12 of category Shaping Panties   
New Product Shaping Panties 010  

Perfect rear and wonderful hips in sexy black with padded panty, with lace, marvelous female gluteal & hip contour for your perfect female shape!

Wonderful padded panty/rear shaper with 4 silicone inserts for a perfect gluteal and hip contour!

Superbe figure enhancing padded brief/panty which provides body contours wherever needed or whenever a special appearance is desired.

The cushioned back completely covers the rear end lifting and defining the buttocks region and cushioned side helps to get the hips you`ve been looking for all your life.

The silicone explants are made of very high quality material and so is the panty: excellent manufacturing with a bit of lace for a sexy look.

Comfortable to wear and easy to care.

Pads stay where they should stay, as for each single pad there is a sewed in pocket in the panty.

All pads are removable, so you can decide if you want it all or probably only partwise ?
Panty/Brief can be machine washed.

Measurement of silicone buttock inserts:
S: length = 16,5cm/6,5 width = 12cm/4,75M: length = 18,5cm/7,5 width = 12,5cm/5L: length = 20,5cm/8 width = 14,5cm/5,75XL: length = 24cm/9,5 width = 17cm/7
Available sizes are:
S (26-28)M (30-32)L (34-36)XL (38-40)
S (36-38)M (40-42)L (44-46)XL (48-50)
material properties:
panty 85% polyamide, 15% lycrabuttocks 100% silicone with PU-cover
Easy to care and handle.

delivery time: in 1-2 weeks
If you have any further questions or special extra wishes for this item,
we are happy to help, you are always welcome !
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