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   Product 4 of 4 of category Super Deluxe Body Suit   
New Product Super Deluxe Body Suit 04  Made to measure  
-50% Discount
1999.90EUR 999.90EUR*
Material Information /<br>Textile mixture: Product Information and Colours


Realistic soft exclusive Body Suit made of the highest quality silicone rubber !

Turn into a real woman in ony a few seconds !

You will enjoy this amazing Female Suit of the luxury class for years !

Perfect female transformation.

Highest quality female transformation in a few minutes lifelike breasts and vagina which is penetrable.

Certainly the most efficient way of changing gender within a couple of minutes !

Finally it is available - the silicone suit, that creates a complete female body within a few minutes.

Only slip in and feel comfortable.

Perfectly to be worn with our super deluxe female masks !

With perfect blending from the mask to the neck of the body suit.

All that is required to feminize yourself, has been combined in this Perfect female body suit !

Super breast forms as well as a vagina that completes your own mirror image.

Urination tool is included, it can be applied like a condom, so you wont have to take the bodysuit off.

Soft pipe at one end can be inserted into the hole, just cut excess part with scissors.

Please do not press or fold the pipe or it will block the pathway.

With the catheter kit you are able to use the toilet like a lady without taking off the body every time.

For cleaning please use mild soap or neutral detergent.

Simple air dry after cleaning. Baby Powder can be used for a smooth surface and for easy put on.

For storage please do not fold the bodysuit or put any weight on it. Depending on your own physical conditions there are three different sizes available.

This female body suit is available in 3 sizes

Gr. M

  • C Cup
  • neck size ca.37.5 cm (15")
  • bust ca.98 cm (38.5")
  • waist ca.65 cm (25.5")
  • Hips ca.87 cm (34")
  • upper thigh ca.44 cm (17")
  • armpit ca.43 cm (17")
  • leg length ca.23 cm (9")
  • Total length from neck down to upper thigh: ca.88 cm (34.5")

    Gr. L

  • E Cup
  • neck size ca.42 cm (16.5")
  • bust ca.104 cm (41")
  • waist ca.75 cm (29.5")
  • hips ca.98 cm (38.5")
  • upper thigh ca.40 cm (16")
  • armpit ca.44 cm (17")
  • leg length ca.24 cm (9.5")
  • total length of the bodysuits neck down to upper thigh: ca.100 cm (39")

    Gr. XL

  • D Cup
  • neck size ca.40 cm (16")
  • bust ca.108 cm (42.5")
  • waist ca.84 cm (33")
  • hips ca.108 cm (42.4")
  • upper thigh ca.40 cm (16")
  • armpit ca.45 cm (18")
  • leg length ca.28 cm (11")
  • total length of the bodysuit neck down to the upper thigh: ca.108 cm (42.5")

    This bodysuit is closed with a side zipper.

    On inquiry also with back zipper without any extra charge.

    This female body suit is very stretchy.

    Even if the material is very soft and stretchy, we do ask you to handle it carefully and make sure you do not wear any sharp jewelry etc. as the silicone can be damaged.

    This female body suit will give you a breathtaking feeling !

    Please note: due to protection of minors we are not allowed to show any photos containing youth endangering contents. If you do confirm, that you are at least 18 years old, please email us and and we can send you further photos.

    Just a few words how to care about the product:

    After wearing, please make sure you do clean it with a wet wipe or a moisure tissue. Afterwards use some talkum powder and spread it over the article, then gently remove with a a soft and dry brush. This will guarantee the life-like-feeling of your article to be preserved. For sanitary reasons, we regret that we are unable to accept lingerie and undergarments for return. This policy is standard with all vendors of lingerie and undergarments.

  • delivery time: to 4 weeks
    If you have any further questions or special extra wishes for this item,
    we are happy to help, you are always welcome !
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