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Our total Super KD clothing is 100 % made in Germany.

With our clothing production in Germany we stand for the survival and development/expansion for Germany as a location for industry.
We are against production in low-wage countries, dumping wages and the exploitation of manpower/labours.

We are offering high quality clothing made in Germany, and our loyal customers from all over the world, appreciating our service, motivate us year on year, to keep on producing in Germany.
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   Product 5 of 12 of category Bonnets   
New Product Accessories Bonnets Design 007 Made to measure  
[HAUB007/Super KD]
Material Information /<br>Textile mixture: Product Information and Colours

Stunning frilly punishment bonnet made of punishment material trimmed with lovely lace in victorian style !
This punishment sissy maid bonnet will help every mistress to train and drill her sissy maid to be obedient.

Wearing this bonnet is a real pain, since it is so uncomfortable to wear, it scratches terribly and doing chores in it should be a lesson for every sissy maid for better being obedient in the future.

This cute bonnet matches to all punishment dresses, night gowns, overalls etc.It is available in punishment colours, trimmed with white, or black or without lace.

delivery time: in 2 weeks
If you have any further questions or special extra wishes for this item,
we are happy to help, you are always welcome !

sizing information:
Our prices listed for custom made ( made to measure ) products include sizes up to XL.
Size XL is approx. based on the max. measures:
chest: 46 inches ( 118 cm )  -  waist: 40 inches ( 102 cm )  -  hips: 48 inches ( 122 cm )
Of course larger sizes are available on inquiry.

Back *the Price are inkl. VAT(19%) and plus with shipping costs.

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