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   Product 1 of 1 of category Beauty Set 01   
New Product Beauty Set 01 Made to measure  
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A Dream of every woman !!!

Everything a woman needs to be sexy with our fantastic beauty set !

This wonderful beauty set consists of:

  • 1.Super beauty make up box with 41 make up products and tools
  • red fingernails especially made for male fingers
  • 3.amazing eyelashes for sexy eyes
  • 4.elegant perfume with stylish design and exklusive scent!


    A Dream of every woman !!!

    Everything a woman needs to be sexy and happy in only one super beauty make up box !!!

    Wonderful beauty box with 41 make up tools !

    This fantastic beauty box contains:

    24 eye shadows
    2 powder rouge / blush-on
    4 lipsticks
    3 nail polishes
    4 sponge tipped applicators for the eye shadow
    1x eyebrow brush / comb
    1x Lipstick applicator
    1x powder rouge brush
    1x Eyeshadow brush

    Fantastic New Colour Collection !

    This super solid beauty box made of aluminium helps things easily found and your cosmetic will be protected from dust, sun etc. and it´s superconvenient for travelling.

    The clolour of the eye shadow, nail polish, blush, lipstick and lipliner can slighlty vary.


    Stunning long lasting Fingernails extra wide fit for men !

    Professional and wonderfully glossy artificial nails in sexy red with glitter effect !

    Perfect coloured nails, so no nerving nail painting.

    In only a few easy steps you will get amazing nails to go out with !

    One will envy you for these beautiful nails...

  • 1. Choose the correct size of artificial nails, maybe adjust their shape if needed.

  • 2. Shorten your own nail, push back your cuticle, smooth the body of nail with a fine file or Buffer and clean with nail polish remover or alcohol ( not included).

  • 3. Put the glue on the artificial nails and on the body of your own nail.
    Place the artificial nail from the back to the front on your own nail and hold it gently for 5-10 sec.

  • 4. Take away excessive glue with a Q-Tip or make-up pad (not included). This professional Nail Set includes:

    20 artificial fingernails in sexy red with glitter effekt in different sizes
    The wearing time lasts approximately for 7 days.

    You can take the artificial nails off any time without any problems.

    Just shorten the nails and use the artificial nail remover, which we are offering as well, and soak into the nail and lift up with tulip wood skewer.

    Remove irregularities in the surface of the nail by using a fine file or buffer.

    Here you can find some more helpful advice for the application of artificial fingernails:

    Artificial nails are ideal if you want to have perfectly styled fingernails in a wink of an eye and only want them to last for a couple of hours or days.

    Our artificial fingernails include different sizes in the set, which also fit for "mens-thumbs".

    Almost all other available products are too small for "mens-hands".

    Before you affix the nails, there are a couple of steps you have to perform.

  • 1. At first choose the correct size and lay them in front of you on a clean table. The artificial nail should be approx. 1mm narrower than your own natural nail, so it can flatten when being stuck on.

  • 2. If your own nails are longer than the artificial ones, please shorten them beforehand, it does not look very good if they peak through the artificial nail...

  • 3. After that wash your hands with soap and clean your own nails with nail varnish remover or rubbing alcohol from all the possible grease or cream.

  • 4. Now starting with the thumb nail sequentially affix the other ones:

  • 5. Place a line of glue in the middle of the "half moon" to the nail tip.
    Please do not cover your whole nail with glue and start approx. 2mm away from the cuticle.

  • 6. Now take the nail you put in place before and hold it at the sides and lay it on your own nail.
    Place your finger on the surface of the table and press on the artificial nail for approx. 20 seconds.
    And that's it done.

    With this adhesive method you can remove the nail in a way that there are no remains of the glue and the nails can be used 3-4 times.

    After use this is the way to remove them:

  • 1. There is a small wooden stick in the package with which you can slip under the nail the edge near to the cuticle and try to lift off the nail carefully. You can also use a tooth pick, if you haven't got the wooden stick at hand.

  • 2. After removing the nail from your own nail, hold your nail approx. 10 seconds in the pot of the artificial nail remover, to soften and remove the remains of the glue. Take off the remains with a papertowel - finished.

    We hope you take much pleasure in your lovely professional fingernails styled in a wink of an eye !


    Amazing long eye lashes for your perfect performance as elegant lady !

    Just amazing long beautiful, thick eyelashes in less than a few minutes.

    You will enjoy these high qualiy eyelashes, which are reusable, a long time.


    1. If needed, trim the lashes to the size you need them to fit your eyes
    2. Apply 16hr Strip Eyelash Adhesive to lash band and wait 30-40 seconds
    3. Apply las along your natural lash line

    To remove the lashes, gently peel off the lash strip, starting at the outer corner.
    Remove excess adhesive from lash band and place lashes back onto the tray for future use.
    To remove excess adhesive from your eyes, use cosmetic wipes or a cosmetic pad with make-up remover.

    Set contains: adhesive 1g, applicator

    4.For the perfection of every lady the matching elegant perfume is a Must Have !


    This wonderful perfume will make you feel elegant and sexy at the same time.

    Stylish design and exklusive scent!

    This perfume has the top notes: bitter almond and cumin and the middle notes: jasmine and moss.

    This feminine fragrance will make you feel beautiful on any day of the week and throughout the entire year.

    Great perfume for any occasion.

    Get it for the one you love, or for yourself !

    Stylish 3.4 oz / 100 ml EDP natural spray bottle

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