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New Product Silicone Breasts Cup-C 001   

Breast enhancer tear drop shape with moulded in nipples cup-size ´C´ !

Beautiful tear drop shape silicone breast enhancer, with moulded in fawn nipples.

Those silicone enhancer is a good alternative, if you do not want to spend so much at the beginning, but still have an attractive kind of breast forms. They can either be worn as inlays in a bra, or you can fix them with Hollister medical adhesive to be worn on your naked skin without any bra at all, or you can fix them with the silicone patches we do offer as well. Please let me say: A real secure hold with patches is only possible up to the ones we do offer as size C - all that goes on top will get too heavy to get a real hold. They are made of high quality silicone, do have moulded in nipples and due to the slightly concave backside they do adapt brilliant to your chest. When you think they should be cleaned, only wash them with mild soap and lukewarm water and let them dry. No other treatment is necessary. A real good pair for beginners or anybody else who wants to try how it feels to wear a silicone breast enhancer.

Weight/pair: 1,5lbs./700g - each breast 0,75lbs./350gLength 6,5inch/16,5cm Width 4,9inch/12,5cm, Height 2,4inch/6cm based on the longest and highest place in each case

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