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von Sissy Barby  
Satin Panties

Thank you for sending me the panties as i wanted them, high waisted and double lined in satin! They fit perfect and i love the way the way the satin lining gets caught in my bum with Satiny sensations that make me stand at attention at times making me want to pleasure my silky self! I have another order being made right now and they're will be more!

Sissy Barby
Amsterdam, Netherlands October 20th 2020
von John B.  
Just love wearing these dream panties

I enjoy wearing these Little Love panties; the emphasis is on little! I love the feel and look of the satin at the front, and the back is just as gorgeous with comfortable ribbon straps showing off my bottom to its best! I love the little ribbons and miniature flower heads at the front, sides and back. A femboy's dream panties!

John B.
US Arizona, October 15th 2020
von Denise Hudson  
Quality Craftsmanship

I am so very pleased with the quality craftsmanship; I commend all the hard working sewers deserve incentives for the fast paced quality & accuracy in getting the products to me quickly.
I'd definitely recommend taking the time for the measurements.

Denise Hudson
US, Pennsylvania October 3rd 2020
von Sissy Andre  
Thanks for all these beautiful products

I already received two orders from you a sissy maid dress with matching garter belt and two lovely panties.ABSOLUTE BEAUTIFUL. I made 5 more other orders. Thanks for all these beautiful products.

Sissy Andre
UK September 27th 2020
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