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(Especially for masks, punishment and restrictive clothing )

| SKD ( Superkleider-Superdresses ) explicitly states that all supplied products are to be used in accordance with their intended purpose, and, when applicable, all included instructions for proper use must be observed in order to avoid any danger to life and limb. Any modifications to articles, made by the consumer may result in physical injury or loss of life.

| SKD ( Superkleider-Superdresses ) products may only be used with the agreement of the person using the article, and may not be used upon a person against their will.

| It is prohibited to give any articles supplied by SKD ( Superkleider-Superdresses ) to minors.

| It is strongly recommended that the delivered products only be used in the presence of another person responsible for making sure that the user is able to breathe freely at all times, as well as ensuring that all products of clothing or other utensils are not too tightly fastened to avoid all forms of strangulation.

| Free breathing must be ensured since with all masks there is an increased risk of suffocation.

| Persons considering wearing latex-, pvc-, leather- punishment- and restrictive clothing etc, should consult a physician before use, especially in the case of preexisting respiratory, heart or circulation conditions/impairments, including allergies (e.g., allergy to latex, pvc, smooth leather, hessian, metal etc).

| SKD ( Superkleider-Superdresses ) does not accept responsibility for injury to the body, jeopardy to health or other damages that might occur due to inappropriate, wrongful usage or misuse of articles sold. Requirements stipulated by German product liability law remain hereby unaffected.

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