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Our total Super KD clothing is 100 % made in Germany.

With our clothing production in Germany we stand for the survival and development/expansion for Germany as a location for industry.
We are against production in low-wage countries, dumping wages and the exploitation of manpower/labours.

We are offering high quality clothing made in Germany, and our loyal customers from all over the world, appreciating our service, motivate us year on year, to keep on producing in Germany.
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   Product 1 of 9 of category TRANSGENDER SETS   
New Product Beginners Transgender Set 01  Made to measure  
Material Information /<br>Textile mixture: Product Information and Colours

Fantastic Beginner Crossdressing Set !

Just getting started in the wonderful world of crossdressing and not sure where to start then try this great beginners kit which has all the basics you need to get you on your way.

Your beginner set includes:

1. a wonderful short Sissy Maid dress
2. matching Pettiocat in white or black
3. a pair of our realistic silicone breast forms B-C Cup


Stunning short sissy maid dress trimmed with wonderful lace and frills.

High quality designs, now also available both, custom made and in the sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL for easy and fast ordering !

The dress comes together with:
the matching wonderful apron with wide bow at the rear and the cute head piece / cap.

More additional options can be chosen.

In the sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL: the dress is elastical at the collar, waist and sleeves, so easy and comfortable to put on and take off.

For ordering in the sizes S, M,L,XL or XXL: Just have a look at our sizing chart below to choose your personal size.

Custom made: The dress is closed with a back zipper and has elastical sleeves.

For ordering " custom made ": please check our measure table and enter the measures 1-9 for a perfect fit.

The dress is available in many fantastic glossy colours and fabrics.

The socks and high heels are not part of the offer, but they are also available in our shop.


Stunning petticoat to complete every short dress to make it full.

A must for every short dress !

The petticoat is elastical at the waist, so this size fits most.



Wonderful breastforms in tear drop shape cup-size ´B-C´ self-adhesive !

Self-adhesive silicone breastforms, tear drop shape, backside slightly concave to fit properly, with sweet nipples
For women with very little or no bust (size A or smaller) who want to improve their cup-size by at least 1-2 sizes !
Nothing can compare to the soft and natural shape of this wonderful breasts! Only you will know they`re there!

Perfect as well for Crossdressers, Post op mastectomy, Transgendered, Transvestites and everybody else who wants a wonderful breast-shape and enhancement.

Molding the natural shape with these unique breastforms ! They are made of high quality material which does not only consist of silicone, but has got as well a PU-film around. This prevents the breast of getting sticky or greasy.

The breastforms are treated with a very special glue, and therefore can be worn with, or without bra. The adhesive is really strong enough to keep them against your chest. When you think they should be cleaned, you can wash them with mild soap and warm water, and let them dry propperly- after that the adhesive re-activates itself, and this works for a lot of times. Please make sure, that you do not get in contact with oils, cremes or any lotions as this would destroy it. If possible, please remove as well the hairs on your chest! When you feel your boobies do lose the strength of adhesive power, you can renew it with our renewal kit we do offer as well.

I am sure: Once you tried them, you won`t never have anyhing else!
Weight p. pair is 600g / 1,3lbs. - each breast 300g.

Length 6,3inch/16cm Width 4,65inch/12cm, Height 2inch/5cm based on the longest and highest place in each case.

Crossdressing Sets are excluded from all advertisings with discount or free gifts.

Only 5 items available

Colours - Lace:
Option - Sleeves:
Option - Petticoat:
Option - Chocker:
Option - Gloves:
Matching Garters:
delivery time: in 6 weeks
If you have any further questions or special extra wishes for this item,
we are happy to help, you are always welcome !

sizing information:
Our prices listed for custom made ( made to measure ) products include sizes up to XL.
Size XL is approx. based on the max. measures:
chest: 46 inches ( 118 cm )  -  waist: 40 inches ( 102 cm )  -  hips: 48 inches ( 122 cm )
Of course larger sizes are available on inquiry.

S (36/38)
- Bust 33-35 inch / 84-88 cm , Waist 26-28 inch / 66-70 cm
M (40/42)
- Bust 36-38 inch / 92-96 cm , Waist 29-31 inch / 74-78 cm
L (44/46)
- Bust 39-41 inch / 100-104 cm , Waist 29-31 inch / 82-86 cm
XL (48/50)
- Bust 43-46 inch / 110-116 cm , Waist 36-39 inch / 92-98 cm
XXL (52/54)
- Bust 48-50 inch / 122-128 cm, Waist 41-43 inch / 104-110 cm
Please note - For the Bust Measure:
Measure around your body at the fullest part of your bust.
(If you intend to wear silicone breasts with your order, then please measure with silicone breasts to figure out your matching standard size).
Back *the Price are inkl. VAT(16%) and plus with shipping costs.
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