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   Product 7 of 9 of category Human Hair Wig Medium Long   
New Product Luxury Human Hair Wig Medium Long 07  Made to measure  
-43% Discount
699.90EUR 399.90EUR*
Material Information /<br>Textile mixture: Product Information and Colours

Exclusively Luxurious Remy Human Hair Wig with highest quality !

A real delicate temptation !

Especially for our customers with highest demands on their wig !

If you want something really special, there is no way to pass this wig !

It's not just the unbelievable brilliance, but nobody will be in a position to detect it is not your real hair !

The wonderful natural drop, the fit, the amazing colour and the accomplished technique of cut are just a few attributes of this real noble wig.

Dreamlike wearing comfort, completly without itching, sweating and shifting are guaranteed as finest breathable materials have been used, and they let you forget that you do wear a wig at all.

This Luxury Wig gives you full, silky and glossy hair with real human hair!

Amazing medium long Wig in elegant dark blonde with highlights !

A Must Have for every Lady !

Nothing feels as fantastic like human hair, true-to-life in every detail.

Highest quality hand made wig by professional skilled wig designers.

The hair looks and feels soft, shiny and smooth.

The inner design is adjustable:

Ventilative and comfortable for daily wear.

You can do any treatment with this wig.
So no matter if you want to blow-dry, use curlers or a curling iron.
Do whatever you want to create new looks with your wig and make yourself a different looking woman as often as you like.

So this wig is the perfect accessorie that you will enjoy for years.

Highest quality wig made of real human hair.

100% handmade

Care instructions

We recommend that the hair is gently combed before washing (always start at the tips and work your way up to the hairline).
Use a special metal wig comb to comb through your wig.

Do not use commercial brushes or sharp combs.

Pre-wash the hair under cold water letting the water flow in the same direction as the hair.
Spread a dash of Care Shampoo on the palm of your hands and evenly work into the hair from base to tips.
Do not rub or massage the fibre.
Soak for 10-15 minutes and then remove from the solution and rinse thoroughly.

After washing we recommend subsequent treatment with Care Balsam.
Please repeat the above steps and again rinse thoroughly.
Gently wipe off excess water and dab with a towel.

For styling and daily care we recommend regular treatment with Hair Repair, as a pump spray, a hair treatment without rinsing.
It smoothes the hair structure and makes long hair easier to comb.
Use a special metal wig comb (with rounded ends) to comb through your wig.

Place the wig on a suitable wig stand or allow to dry naturally on a towel.
You can also use a hair dryer on medium heat. To protect hair tips against split ends we offer an intensive treatment with Hair Tip Liquid.
It repairs and regenerates hair tips and gives vitality and moisture.

If you treat your wig following our recommendations you will have a long term enjoyment in wearing it.

This Luxurious Human Hair Wig is not a ready to dispatch wig, it will belaboriously be made by hand on order.

Only 6 items available

delivery time: in 6 weeks
If you have any further questions or special extra wishes for this item,
we are happy to help, you are always welcome !
one size
56-57 cm / 22-22.5 inch
plus size
58.5-60 cm / 23-23.5 inch
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