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New Product Super Deluxe Full Mask 14   
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1699.90EUR 899.90EUR*

Pure luxury for all lovers of transformation!

Make your dreams come true with this highest quality female silicone full mask of the extra luxury class!

Turn into a ″ real ″ woman within only some seconds with this deluxe highest quality realistic female full mask made of highest quality silicone rubber (medical grade) which is absolutely safe to use and feels like a second skin.

This full mask looks and feels so soft and real, just arousing!

With this silicone mask even facial movements are possible, just like a real woman looks like!

Feels so real just fantastic!

This amazing female silicone mask comes:

laced up at the back.

with a pair of realistic fantastic eyes, you can look through these eyes.

You can choose for the eye colour between: brown and blue.

with stunning eye lashes

and with a wonderful permanent detailed realistic make up.

But of course you could also put your personal make up on the mask.

Additional options can be chosen.

There are nose, ears and mouth openings.

This wonderful realistic silicone mask of the extra luxury class you will enjoy for years!

You will be the eye catcher on every party.


There is a sizing chart below each mask description, this mask has the size of VM14.

Although the mask has a certain flexibility, please measure your mask size accordingly for the best fitting result.

Baby Powder can be used for easy put on of the mask and to maintain the smooth surface but please take care of the eyes, eye lashes and make up.

For cleaning please take off all Accessories such as the false eyes and the rope (if ordering the mask laced up).

You could use mild soap for the inside of the mask, please do not rub the mask rudely, after cleaning just air drying.

For storage please do not fold the mask or put any weight on it.

You will enjoy this deluxe mask of the extra high quality class for years!

This product is not a ready to dispatch item, it will be made on ordering, it is a customized product.

Material: Silicone Rubber (medical grade).

weight: about 1000 g

Only 3 items available

Mask - Eye colour:
delivery time: in 8 weeks
If you have any further questions or special extra wishes for this item,
we are happy to help, you are always welcome !
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